Roses in Bloom: Contemporary Botanical Portraiture at Susan Frei Nathan Fine Works on Paper, LLC.

Presented on our website is a selection of Roses by various artists with dramatically different stylistic interpretations.  Joined together on the home page we can appreciate the pure beauty of the rose as we celebrate the upcoming months when they are in full magnificence.  These botanical watercolors provide the ultimate satisfaction of seeing the flowering rose at its peak and the opportunity to appreciate it all year round rather than only in its fleeting month of bloom.  Prices range from $1000-$4200.

As carefully composed plant portraits captured in real time, we gasp at the sheer elegance of the subject, its complex make-up and the technical mastery of the artists hands in controlling the information from the plant, to paper or vellum to viewer.  This lengthy study of the plant reveals the devotion and dedication of the artist to secure its integrity.  The results are of the highest quality and beauty.


Esther Klahne Tea Rose watercolor on vellum

Esther Klahne
Tea Rose, 2014
watercolor on vellum, 11 x 9.5 inches




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