An Interior Garden at Pamela Lerner in Bellport, NY, August 19-September 19, 2017

Pamela Lerner’s Home and Design Shop has a presence in the intimate one lane town of Bellport Village for nearly 14 years.  Susan Frei Nathan Fine Works on Paper first showed with PL H &D  in September of 2006, new to the town at that point Pam was cultivating a following with local homeowners and weekenders from New York and Brooklyn , outfitting their antique homes in the village.  Lerner’s aesthetic point of view with home goods, furniture and art informs her curatorial perspective, she stands out for her passion for objects and unique displays.  Outside she exhibits her garden furniture next to a floral design shop with live floral arrangements highlighting these one of kind pieces.  It is a privilege to share these botanical portraits with her clients and hope we can masterfully build interior gardens of plant portraits for her devoted patrons.

Jeanne Reiner Hibiscus, 2014 Watercolor on paper

Jeanne Reiner
Hibiscus, 2014
Watercolor on paper


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