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Elizabeth Enders. Red Peonies and Yellow Rose, 2007 (detail)

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Susan Frei Nathan Fine Works on Paper was established to affirm and promote the place of botanical painting and drawing within the fine art market. The artists listed represent the finest in this vibrant field. Their range of techniques and interpretive modes reflect the integration of classical and modern influences characteristic of the living tradition of contemporary botanical art. These artists are at the vanguard of a continuous history rooted in scientific description, decorative aesthetics and artistic experimentation.

Many of the artists represented are trained in the European tradition of botanical painting, depicting plants in a scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing manner. Most of these artists are highly skilled, classically trained painters, able to work from real specimens, capturing nature's delicate, organic creations and beauty within its short lifecycle. Elizabeth Enders, an abstract artist, captures the botanical form with spontaneity and immediacy inherent in abstraction.

In addition to the botanicals shown here, all of the artists welcome botanical commissions. This process begins with looking at various artistic styles to determine one's painting preferences, then deciding on the plant life, ranging from the indigenous and tropical to cultivated garden specimens. The artist provides a sketch of the subject, describing their proposed composition and coloration for approval. Time frame for completion of the painting is determined by the season, the specimen's availability, and the complexity of the composition.

As one of the only dealers dedicated exclusively to this field, Susan Frei Nathan brings to the world of art an exhaustive knowledge of historical works on paper and vellum. She advises on contemporary botanical works and builds collections exhibiting a wide array of stylistic interpretations. The Company offers consultation on collecting, advice on purchase of artworks at auction, market analysis, installation, framing, professional appraisals, and advice on conservation and restoration.

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