Kate Nessler’s Edges

"Peonies" Edge Painting

Watercolor, pencil and dried specimens on Kelmscott vellum, including specimens in transparent vellum handmade envelopes. Vellum attached with linen thread hand-sewn on museum board.

Welcome to my first blog post! Here you will find what excites me about botanical painting from original works to museum exhibitions and reference books on the subject. Enjoy!

Kate Nessler has a fantastic series of new works called Edges. Kate has incorporated pressed plants along side partial to fully rendered drawings of the same image. These images are mounted and drawn on “edges” of vellum sheets, showing the crudeness of the skins. By painting and adhering specimens onto this type of surface, Kate is celebrating the organic nature of the skin and forcing one to recognize the beauty of nature. Please visit my website to see many of these pieces with full descriptions.

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