Connie Scanlon: Heirloom Blueberry Branch #1 for the Connoisseur




Scanlon_Heirloon Blueberry Branch #1

Scanlon consistently paints blueberries in all stages of its evolution.  She masterfully captures the various hues from, as the artist describes, “its early green berries with hints of rose, to slowly growing berries of magenta and violet, eventually showing its ripe blues and indigo.  Heirloom blueberries are cultivars who have been in continuous production for over 50 years, and include many first and second generation crosses made by the original horticulturalists (Elizabeth White, Frederick Coville and Arlen Draper).  The names of some of early heirloom high bush blueberry plants include:  Stanley, Rubel, Jersey and Elizabeth.  Heirloom blueberries are seeds that regrow and pass on from one generation to the next.”

Scanlon continues, “Over a hundred years ago, the USDA botanist Frederick Coville wrote “Taming the Wild Blueberry” and began a collaborative effort with cranberry grower, Elizabeth White, in cultivating blueberries from the wild.  Their first commercial blueberry crop was harvested in 1916.  Coville named one of the earliest heirloom cultivars for his eldest son, Stanley.  It is considered one of the sweetest blueberries ever to be produced.”

Stylistically, this work continues her love affair with the plant.  She captures a romantic essence through her technique, harking to the 19th century European master botanical painters.  Her choice of a vellum as the substrate further evokes the golden age of botanical art.

As this and her Heirloom Blueberry Branch #2 (visit show, the blueberry bush is a favorite of Scanlon’s to paint and has propelled her to the upper echelon of contemporary botanical painters.  These paintings are love letters to art collectors.






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