Farewell to Lizzie Sanders

Representing Lizzie’s exceptional botanical art since 2003, I recognized the importance of her work and the need for the world to experience it.  She blended the historical significance of botanical documentation with a contemporary aesthetic.  Sander’s was universally alone in this quest, her works are distinguished for their minimalist approach, every brushstroke has a purpose.  She brought the crisp light from her Edinburgh studio into each articulated stroke, producing masterpieces with an expert command of the dry brush technique.  The result was always a detailed description of the plant with a nod to science while intentionally rendering a 21st century composition.  I would compare her work to Rory McEwen, the Scottish botanical painter, both were drawn to paint the plants at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh with a modernist viewpoint.  The results were  unforgettable botanical paintings, accurate in their content and transporting fine art. Both artists left us too early and we are forever wanting for more.  My hope is the Royal Botanic Garden mounts a similar exhibition to McEwen’s, celebrating Sander’s incredible oeuvre.


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