This was my first year participating in the revamped Garden Fair at The New York Botanical Garden.  The Fair organizers set out to include contemporary works of art with a variety of mediums represented.  I was thrilled to be included in such a prestigious show with the best of nature inspired art and antiques.  Included in my booth were exquisite paintings from all the artists I currently represent:  Martin Allen, Beverly Duncan, Jean Emmons, Elizabeth Enders, Lara Call Gastinger, Gertrude Hamilton, Martha Kemp, Esther Klahne, Karen Kluglein, Kate Nessler, Rose Pellicano, Kelly Leahy Radding, Lizzie Sanders, Denise Walser-Kolar and Carol Woodin.  My interior garden of pictures truly mesmerized the visitors with their exceptional quality, glorious compositions while emphasizing the fragility and exquisite beauty of nature.

The Fair was reviewed in the May 10th issue of Antiques and the Arts Weekly, here’s the link to read all about it:


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