Drawing Nature

Beverly Duncan and Lara Call Gastinger are passionate botanical artists who document nature in all seasons using the sketchbook as their canvas. Based in the Northeastern portion of America these artists capture the ever changing plant life throughout the year. As plants and trees bloom and hibernate, their pencil follows the changing outline.

Duncan and Gastinger are commissioned by clients to follow plantings on their properties, documenting the growth from month to month as seen below:

Stamped Dated Page from Lara Call Gastinger's Sketchbook

A florilegium in sketchbook format is a personal record of a family’s plant-life, a bit larger than pocket-size, one can appreciate the book format to enjoy on the lap, display in a case near the front door of the home, changing pages ever so often, or in the living room for conversation. It enables the client to enjoy their plantings year round.

Beverly Duncan's Autumn Sketchbook Page

Stylistic interpretations of the plants create different aesthetic outcomes for these two sketchbook artists. Both are documentary, explanatory text surrounds the images explaining its growth cycle and dynamic performance. Whether in graphite drawings or watercolor, the results are jewel-like treasures.

Lara Call Gastinger, Week 14, Depending on the client's location, sketching can take place weekly, once a month or at the high point of each season.

Sketchbooks like these celebrate the beauty and immediacy of nature in a specific time. As our environment changes over time and plant survival is compromised, this holds as a record of plants for posterity.

Beverly Duncan's Summer Page


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2 Responses to Drawing Nature

  1. Susie Ries says:

    What a beautifully inspiring glimpse into how seasonal growth can be documented!

  2. Sue Ball says:

    Inspiring ideas, both the artistry as well as the use by the landowners. Thanks for sharing.

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