Thoughts on Begin Again: Flat Files

The idea of an artist beginning a work and reworking the image over time is particularly challenging with botanical art.  Since many of the artists in this exhibition initially are inspired to paint live plants, often captured during their short lifecycle, it is essential to sketch in situ in the landscape or with the specimen in the studio.  However, when an artist decides to shelve the work, they need to recall the information through notes, sketches and color keys to be true to the original knowledge the plant shared with she/he.    Time can be on the artist’s side, a moment of contemplation can solve a compositional dilemma, bringing a good work to that next level as well as creating a more nuanced and magical experience for both the artist and collector.

Karen Kluglein’s Tamora Rose, 2021, watercolor on illustration board

KKTamora Rose 300dpi for Susan KKSingle Tamora Rose 300dpi

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